stop leaking it

Working out your projects profit is hard when you’re dealing with lots of tools and projects. They’ll leak money.

Imagine you could connect your bank, your accounts, your project management tool and have them talk. Now you can.

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Leaky profit of disconnected apps

Juggling 8 apps, none of them talking to each other. You’re leaking money; you can’t keep up with the data flow. Your lost, overwhelmed and projects are losing money.

All-in-one profit machine

Now all your apps are under one roof. You’ll know why projects are losing money and why others aren’t. One screen and make each project profitable.

Sync team with the client

Get your team to create the project plan. Export that to the proposal. Client approves proposal and the project is now live. You’re synced.

Monitor estimations

As you mark your tasks closed, update hours, select any task issues, we’ll build you a live report of how the project is going.

Profit drain

Our accounts will calculate your company’s run rate cost. We’ll track your project hours, and let you know how much profit you’re making.

Protect profit bill feature creep

Add new features to a project sprint, export the sprint directly to an invoice. Protect your profit and bill for feature creep.

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