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Proposal software features

Win proposals with beautiful online proposals. Get e-approvals from your clients instantly. Integrated with our project software so the client and team are in snyc.Welcome to Bullet.

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All the features in our proposal software

Speed up your sales process with proposals that pop.

Embed images & videosUnlimited
PDF exportUnlimited
Templates libraryUnlimited
Proposal creation in WYSIWYGUnlimited
Share anywhere using a linkUnlimited
Send via emailUnlimited
Online signatureUnlimited
View on a computer, tablet, or mobile phoneUnlimited
Know what version your client has at all timesUnlimited
Insert tables with dataUnlimited
Edit colours, sizes and fontsUnlimited
Custom templatesUnlimited
Save any part of your proposalUnlimited
Save the prices of your products or servicesUnlimited
Clients managementUnlimited
Team permissionsUnlimited
Page analytics *coming 2023Unlimited
Create invoice from proposalUnlimited

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Here’s what you get with our All-In-One toolkit

  • Bullet all-in-one business account tool


    Automatic accounting with smart workflows, smart error checking, and sales tax reports.

  • Bullet all-in-one payroll tool


    Simple online payroll software, automatically generate your tax returns * Ire Only.

  • Bullet all-in-one project management tool

    Project Management

    Full project management tool that tells you your profit and how to improve it automatically.

  • Bullet all-in-one banking tool


    Sync your business account with your accounts and projects. What that profit grows. *Coming ‘23

  • Bullet all-in-one proposals tool


    Win more businesses with beautiful drag & drop winning proposals with built-in approval buttons.

  • Bullet all-in-one chats and communication tool

    Chats & communication

    Keep teams, and freelancers close together and on the same page with instant chat.

  • Bullet all-in-one storage tool


    Limitless storage. Don’t store stuff in folders keep files attached to chats and tasks.

  • Bullet all-in-one receipts tool


    Automated AI receipt recognition and categorisation, all synced with Bullet Accounts.

  • Bullet all-in-one invoice tool


    Get paid faster with online payments, automate sales tax returns, and Bullet Accounts.

€49/m per user

500,000 people use Bullets tools

  • You just get so much value with Bullet whether you’re a one person show or a growing business. It’s endless.

    -Eli Crawford, Heads Up Marketing

  • You move between Bullets tools and don’t even know you’re doing it. Very Cool.

    -Marian Jones, PR Consultant

  • It’s just getting better and better. I just focus on the things I love, and let Bullet do the rest

    -Sam Wild, Stomp

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