Girl is pointing on two alternatives Bullet all-in-one software for small business and Xero

Alternative to Xero

With Xero you just get accounts; with Bullet you get everything. With Xero you’re the machine connecting all the dots, with Bullet it’s done for you, automatically.

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Nitty gritty differences between Xero and Bullet

Nitty gritty differences between Xero and Bullet

AccountingXero, PremiumBullet

Everything Xero Premium offers

Integrated proposals tool

Integrated payroll tool * Ireland only

Live profit score of projects

Integrated project management tool

Send project specs straight to proposal

Integrated team communications tool

Integrated accounting tool for feature creep billing

Mileage integration to reduce your tax bill

Receipt integration to reduce your tax bill

Integrated project management tool

Integrated accounting tool

Integrated chat tool

Unlimited storage

Live human chat support

€49/m per user

Detailed feature list for Accounting, Payroll, Storage, Proposals, Projects, Communication, Business Account & Receipts

Questions & answers

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Yep, Bullet is over 2 million lines of accounting code. We are a full double entry accounting solution, with integrated payroll and FX.
Accounting logic is built into workflows with Bullet, there is zero accounting knowledge needed to use Bullet. Xero is designed for accounting practices, not the end user.
Yes, Bullet includes all the functionalities that Xero has.
They are the dominant players in the market.
Yep, we hate bots. We get it, your business and you need answers to close out a task. We are here to help.
Xero is complex, designed for accountants, and costs €65/m plus. Bullet, you get everything you get with Xero, but you also get a fully integrated suite of tools to run your business on. Because of that we become the machine, not you.
Xero rely on accountants; it’s how they built their network out. With Bullet, we love machines and machines love automation; in 2023 we’ll be releasing business accounts to help you fully automate your accounts, what we call Buy & Forget accounting.

Save yourself €9,181per year

Bullet replaces a bunch of apps. See how our all-in-one fixed price app comparies to bundling 8 apps together together.

Bullet short logo

€49/month per person

  • Accounts & Payroll
  • Projects
  • Business Account
  • Proposals
  • Chats & Com’s
  • Receipts
  • Storage
Bullet is: €2,940 a year for 5 users

€588 a year for 1 user

Xero accounting
Xero: Accounting

€65/m per user

Sage: Payroll

€10/m per user

Click up
Click Up: Projects

€19/m per user

Revolut: Account

€100/m per user

Proposify: Proposal

€49/m per user

€7/m per user
Slack: Chats & Com

€15/m per user

dext Receipt
Dext: Receipts

€53/m per user

Dropbox: Storage

€15/m per user

Bundle is: €12,121 a year for 5 users

€3,912 a year for 1 user

500,000 people use Bullets tools

  • Searching Slack, Trying to understand Xero, Wondering where that comments is on ClickUp. All fixed with Bullet.

    -Peter Sharp, Milk Design

  • We’re a small distributed team and just find Bullet great for what we need now and the future

    -Sanda Boyce, Boyce PR & Media

  • We didn’t know how much money we were losing till Bullet killed project feature creep.

    -Joe Bollard, Click Web Live

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